Compass Award
The Superintendent’s Compass Award is an award bestowed monthly to an employee of the School District of Cudahy who exemplifies the best in what we do – serve students and families.
This award will be presented to an individual monthly during the normal academic year at the first school board meeting of the month beginning in January of 2008.
The award is derived from the 1995 hit movie, “Mr. Holland’s Opus”. In a scene where Principal Helen Jacobs, portrayed by Olympia Dukakis presents Richard Dreyfuss’ character, Music teacher Glenn Holland with a compass on her announcement of her retirement. She tells Mr. Holland that he was one of her favorite teachers and an inspiration to the students. The compass served as a reminder to keep him focused on what was important.
The recipient of the award will receive a compass pin, certificate, letter of recognition copied to their personnel file and public recognition at a board meeting and on the District’s website.
The selection of the candidate will be by the Superintendent. Any district employee can be nominated for the award. The criteria: the recipient must demonstrate a continual commitment to excellence while performing their job. 
Annually in January one of the previous year’s award’s recipients will be selected to receive the “District Compass” award. The award recipient will be recognized with an award and an additional personal day.
To nominate an employee for this award you can log on to the District website and click on the Superintendent’s website and complete the nomination form or they may send me a note or an email indicating why the person should receive this award. The award is open to any staff member and nominations can come from anyone in the district; employees, families, students, citizens.

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